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colorburgers is a place for people who love culture and burgers. The most basic way to experience culture is through food and eating. We at colorburgers chose the familiar concept of the hamburger to create an easy entry point for people to discover new and unfamiliar cuisines.

During a series of events we will introduce new hamburgers dishes, which we will create together with local chefs. Every burger will be dedicated to a specific country’s culture, each event will be a hamburger experience which captures the taste, sound, and smell of this amazing part of the world. You will have the opportunity to taste delicious burgers, meet new people, and learn more about foreign cultures!

Colorburger n°01 Angola burger

We are colorburgers

Nina Voege

Nina is a strategic user experience designer, head of design and co-founder at colorburgers.

Uno Shinagawa

Uno is an experienced food designer co-founder of colorburgers and founder of unobento.

Jemma Land

Jemma is food lover and co-founder at colorburgers and founder of rivet concepts.

Daniela Castelbranco

Daniela is architect and food designer and our first colorburger chef. She invented the delicious Angola burger.

We are looking for chefs!

For our upcoming events we are looking for creative chefs and food designers. If you come from a foreign country and have a great burger idea, please get in touch!

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Created by Nina Voege, unobento, and Rivet Concepts - Copyright 2014